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AntennaPlus Double Cellular LTE Bolt Mount SMA 15ft Coax Black


Item Number: 6490



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The AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna is the all-in-one, low profile housing that provides 2 high gain Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antennas. This model comes in Black with a threaded bolt mount, but also available in permanent adhesive mount or magnetic mount; color choices of black or white. By using the AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna, you can be farther away from a cell site and still connect; up to 25% more wireless coverage, depending on the geography you travel in.

One Simple Installation: All antennas are built into one physical housing so that you only have to drill one hole for a fast and tidy installation. This reduces the need for multiple antennas on top of the vehicle.

Long Product Life: The rugged, low profile design gives you protection against all of the natural hazards a vehicle faces including vibration, hot, cold, ice, salt, dirt, car washes, and tree branch sweeps. These antennas typically outlast the life of vehicle.

Connects to mobile data wireless routers with TWO Cellular/LTE ports.

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